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Repost || Those Girls: If a Tree Falls In the Woods…

This is a post that we wrote two years ago, but it still seems so relevant today. Art in photos is lovely and appreciated and important. But what does it mean when it becomes your identity? We’d love to hear from you. Tweet us or Instagram us with your responses: ____   If a tree […]


Those Girls: If a Tree Falls In the Woods…

If a tree falls in the woods, and no one is around to Instagram it, does it make a sound?   We started our Those Girls series as a portal for reality, and it’s been a while since we wrote a post–for good reason, of course. The reason being life! We’ve been working on a […]


Those Girls: What I Learned at Alt // Part 1 by Andie

Altitude Summit in San Francisco was a whirlwind for lack of a better word. Being thrown headfirst into a pile of extremely creative, smart and driven women (and a few men) can be daunting to anyone, but as a wholehearted introvert, I have to say that it was a tough one, until I had a […]


Those Girls: Smart Girls at the Party with Amy Poehler

I would be hard-pressed to find someone on this planet that I adore more than Amy Poehler. She’s funny, she’s adorable, and I just recently found out that she’s doing amazing things for young girls. Amy Poehler has an awesome YouTube channel just for girls called Smart Girls at the Party, where she interviews fabulous […]