About Assemble

Andie Powers and Emily Grosse teamed up in 2009 to create Assemble Gallery & Studio. Located in the Phinney Ridge area of Seattle, the Assemble physical space integrated a gallery, a workshop studio, and a retail shop to host creativity of all kinds. In January of 2013, we made the decision to transfer the business to a completely online entity. We loved our former brick and mortar space, community and events, but were ready to try something new and exciting! Our mission is (and always will be) to honor craft as modern art, while teaching both traditional and avant-garde crafting techniques to a broader, internet audience. We see Assemble-online as a gallery of inspiration and ideas: a place for people to assemble, make, and do.-


Assemble continues tutorials in online video form and stamping kits which you can order on our shop page, where you can also order our book, Print, Paint and Ink: Over 20 Modern Projects for You and Your Home (Taunton, 2016).



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The Silhouettes Behind the Name

Andie Powers


Andie Powers graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in writing, literature & publishing from Emerson College. An Air Force brat, she designated Seattle as her hometown in 2006. Before co-founding Assemble Shop & Studio in 2009, she worked with corporate trend, design & craft companies in Boston, Los Angeles and Seattle. Currently, she splits her time working as a freelance writer, maker and brand consultant. Andie lives in Seattle with her husband, daughter and cranky chihuahua. Follow her personal Twitter and Instagram at @andiegwpowers.-

She likes: running, spice racks, puppies, rubber stamps, a clean house & This American Life. Email Andie


Emily Grosse


Emily Grosse graduated with a Master’s Degree of Art History from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2006, and worked for the Chicago Artist’s Coalition and the American Art department of the Art Institute. After migrating to Seattle, she co-founded
Assemble Shop & Studio where she has spent the last seven years teaching sewing, crochet, block printing, and bookbinding classes. In her spare time, Emily can be found concocting new projects for her century-old Seattle bungalow, and making a joyful home  with her husband and two sons.

She likes: baking, bookbinding, autumn, linens, museums, miniatures, Chicago & yellow, floral wallpaper. Email Emily